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The Global Sun Oven ®

This Solar Oven will impress you as it has thousands around the world. Its design looks simple, yet elegant.

When you get the unit and open it's large square box, you are faced with the shiny silver reflectors. When you lift it out you notice how light the unit is for something this size.

Peeling the protective layer of plastic off the reflectors is the only part of this experience you will not thoroughly enjoy. Once that is done, the self-levelling base can be installed in a few seconds and you are ready to cook!

There is no smell, the unit is compact and very easy to set up and use.

You lift out the reflectors in one easy action, point to the sun, lift the leg at the back to adjust the height and put your food in. The cooking area is large, the lid secure.

The Global Sun Oven ® heats up very quickly and reaches very high temperatures. It insulates very well meaning that the occasional cloud doesn't affect the temperature too much, and food stays hot for a long time after the sun has gone down.

We have found after 2 years of use that this solar oven performs amazingly in a variety of conditions and for nearly every food group.

This is the benchmark for any potential solar cooker that wants to be a realistic cooking tool for the everyday person. Here in Australia the cost is a little high — but the value far exceeds anything on offer at the moment. It will outlast the Tulsi unit many times over, while out-performing it easily.

Quality *****
Cooking Size ****
Size / Weight ***
Temperature ****
Insulation ****
Easy of use ****
Cost ***