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Solar Cookers - What type is best?

Here is a quick guide for you to choose the right type of solar cooker.

There are 3 main types we will look at.

Panel Solar Cookers (ideal for emergency / camping use or to try out solar cooking cheaply)
This simple type of cooker will suit you if you:
  • want a small, light solar cooker
  • want a very cheap solar cooker
  • don’t need to bake
  • can afford extra time to cook

Solar Ovens (ideal for home / caravan use — everyday use is possible)
This type of solar cooker will suit you if you:
  • want an easy to use solar cooker
  • want a versatile cooker
  • want to cook food without being there
  • don’t need to bake*
  • can afford a little extra time to cook*

*some solar cookers have extra reflectors so may be able to bak & may not take longer to cook.

Parabolic Solar Cookers (ideal for home use by dedicated solar chefs)
This large type of cooker will suit you if you:
  • have space for a large solar cooker
  • can afford the price
  • want to cook food very fast
  • will attend the cooking (food needs stirring and cooker needs adjustment)
  • live in a not-too-windy location
  • know that you can keep animals / children away from the danger

For most people, a Solar Oven is by far the best option. They are safe, easy to use and very versatile. They are very forgiving if you leave food in too long and give great results. The main thing to look out for is to make sure the oven design reaches high temperatures. The best we have see for this (and the one we use in everyday use) is the Global Sun Oven®

Panel Cookers are great for emergency or camping, while parabolic cookers are large & generally require constant attention. If you like being outdoors the parabolic cooker is a good option — especially if you want to cook things very quickly.

If there are other tips that you can think of to help people decide which solar cooker is right for them please leave your comments below.