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Tulsi Parabolic Cooker

This solar cooker comes unassembled in cardboard boxes. We had to print the long instruction manual before commencing the construction.
The construction is fairly straight forward, though very intricate and tedious. I had two little helpers, though never want to do that job again.

Each reflector has a protective coating that is another part of the job that is less than enjoyable.

During the construction you will find that the build quality is very low — with things not quite fitting together properly, bolts not quite straight and various other irregularities.

Once completed the unit is ready to go. It takes up a large amount of room when fully constructed though at least does have wheels to be able to move it around.


This solar cooker needs to be adjusted precisely to face the sun. Unlike the Solar Oven designs, a few centimeters to the left or right (or up or down) can make a large difference to the cooking temperature.

Once adjusted the temperature will rise very quickly and you need to be careful not to burn the food or cook it unevenly.

Safety is a concern with this solar cooker — the large area can easily catch the wind, and the reflection can be blinding (literally).

The parabolic cooker needs to be continually adjusted to keep the optimum temperature, and any cloud cover will severely affect the temperature.

We would only recommend this cooker for those who 1) have skill / patience for construction 2) have large amount of storage room 3) want to cook things very quickly while attending and stirring the food to avoid burning

Quality *
Cooking Size **
Size / Weight *
Temperature *****
Insulation *
Easy of use **
Cost **