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Solar Cookers - Buy or Build?

The internet has opened a huge array of information to us all. The problem is, the information is often not accurate or policed.

In the past, books were not published unless there was at least some credibility of the information and author — but anyone can right & publish whatever they like on the internet. This means that although there is a lot of information, it is often false.

With solar cookers — there are plans galore! All types of different designs and types are available. Stories from here to there abound — but after great research we have found — that the failure of these designs causes rebound and the refuse tip site to mound!

Seriously though the designs are often poor, use low quality (and sometimes dangerous) materials and the usability of the cooker is low. We found in Australia that the materials were often not available at all — and the cost was a LOT higher than we planned & expected.

The advice of this web site is to follow the following guidelines for pans for solar cookers.

  • MAKE SURE that the device has been used by people FOR YEARS - not just occasionally
  • Check the features that it has against the list below
  • See what temperatures the other users get — and check their location. Just because someone in Australia gets 300º doesn’t mean you will in New York!
  • See what materials it needs, check that they are SAFE FOR COOKING FOOD and check the availability & cost in your area
  • Try to judge that the way the solar cooker is assembled will lead to easy cooking experiences, easy cleaning and will last the test of time. A lot of items will last years with no use — but use the (especially in direct sun) and they fail very quickly.

Features to Look For in Solar Cookers / Ovens
(in make your own or purchased units)

  • Normal and Maximum operating temperatures
  • Does it keep food hot (i.e. is it insulated)?
  • Provision for adjustment
  • Leveling Base
  • Inbuilt Thermometer
  • Internal Cooking Size
  • Size for storage / travel
  • Expected Life
  • Cost

You will find that the cheaper items will end up costing you more, and will almost definitely leave you disappointed with the results.

Due to the fact that we want to promote Solar Cooking, we recommend the Global Sun Oven - they may cost a little more but they really do perform and last over 20 years in full time use! It is the easiest and safest bet — you won’t regret it — go on just buy one!

We think that if you find these features & are happy with the quality, you will do well and be able to enjoy Solar Cooking for many, many years!