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Solar Cooking in Australia

- the way it's meant to be!

It's obvious the Sun was designed for many cooking is just one of them! The amazing technique of Solar Cooking is starting to create a stir in the world of gourmet cooking...

Solar Cooking has been known and used for centuries in under-developed countries and environmentalists backyards. The use of devices that cook in the sun (Solar Cookers) has been limited until recently. Today however, with advances in research and design, Solar Cookers have become an easy to use and versatile method of cooking in any environment!

The benefits of cooking with the Sun can not be overemphasised.

* the food is better for you (cooked naturally without destroying vital nutrition),
* the food is more tender (cooked in it's own juices),
* is free (no fuel source needed),
* is better for the environment (no smoke or pollutants) and
* is more forgiving (food doesn't burn easily or need stirring as often).

With all these benefits you may be wondering why isn't everyone doing it?

Well there are a few problems. Firstly in cloudy weather the method can be limited. Secondly many poor designs of Solar Cookers (both home-made and commercial) have given the concept a bad name.

The main down-falls of some different designs of Solar Cookers are: too large & dangerous (especially parabolic mirror cookers), not enough heat produced (takes too long to cook food) and poor insulation (food gets cold too quickly).

But don't worry - we're here to help you avoid any problems & make it easy!

Fact 1
Solar Cooking is one of the best ways to cook a meal

Fact 2
Solar Cooking can be easier than using a gas / electric oven

Fact 3
Solar Cooking can produce better results than a convention oven

Fact 4
Solar Cooking provides a more healthy way of cooking

Fact 5
Solar Cooking is carbon neutral and totally natural.

Fact 6
Solar Cooking can be as fast as a gas / electric stove!

Fact 7
Solar Cooking doesn't need special recipes

Fact 8
Solar Cooking can save you a LOT of time!

Fact 9
Anyone can do Solar Cooking - so what are you waiting for?

Fact 10
Food tastes better when cooked in the sun!

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